The real shocking aspect to me is that thier is a willing audience to view and purchase his work. Maybe a deeper meaning to his work exists that delves into the duality and co-existence of life and death, beauty and decadence etc., but their are many artists who do a much better job of it.

His approach is simply borderline pornographic, designed to titillate the senses, but ultimately leaving the viewer empty and depressed, usually drained of any beuatiful or positive thought about the subject, be it sex or death.

Most of this type of art, even if it is technically good, appeals to the lowest common denominator in all of us. The fact that the man violated any dignity the subject kept in death demonstrates how little he cares about the viewer.

Admiring art arrived at through these circumstances is akin to admiring and using the results from human cold weather and freezing experiments performed by Nazi "doctors" on cncentration camp victims in WW2 as some current researchers were doing a few years back.