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I got quite confused when I started reading this thread, until I realised it was referring to the USA Outdoor Photographer rather than the the UK Outdoor Photography. I can back up Mr Teague and recommend the UK OP ( I must declare my vested interest as they used one of my pictures for the "opening shot" this month )
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Preaching to the converted in a niche corner of the internet may make us feel better, but contributing pro-film articles (or even just film photographs if, like me, you ain't much of a writer) might make a difference.

Congratulations on featuring on OP, I actually had the magazine in my hand yesterday and did like the opening shots. I ended up not buying the magazine as I got distracted by some books I had to get, now that I "know" one of the featured photographers I'll have to back and buy it. I think you have a good point about us contributing images to these magazines. In the USA/UK you have a wide selection of titles available (we get most of the UK titles in Ireland) but in Ireland we have no locally published title and only on the very rare occasion is Ireland featured in UK mags and considering it's such a short hop to get to Ireland (with really cheap flights) it would be nice to see Ireland featured more often, so maybe it's time that some of us Irish APUGers starting submitting work to the UK titles to raise our profile and what Ireland has to offer photographers!