Here's a couple examples - I don't think this is a callibration issue.

Print - this is what the print looks like. I have not edited the scan.

Negative - again, this is unedited, I didn't even bother to remove the imperfections.

It's not a matter of how I want the image to look. I know that the sky was not the least bit pink or orange when I took the shot. The yellow in the negative may be a bit over bright but that may well be from the way the shot was exposed but the colors are truer to what I actually shot.

Print - unedited.

Negative - unedited.

Perhaps neither is right. The negative is over bright - but that would be because of the time of day and the position of the sun. I shouldn't be shooting in the middle of the afternoon under a clear blue sky. My understanding is that you lose contrast under those conditions which leads me to believe the negative shows a truer image than the over dark print. The print looks fine but most of the detail is lost in how dark it is.

I can live with my actual mistakes - that's what I'm going to learn from.

Sorry about the image sizes.