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My solution A was a light brown and produced no density at all on a fully exposed sheet of 5x4 (1:1:100@20c 8.5min). A fresh batch worked fine. Could it be that I put 2x solution B or A in the mix ? I am usually quite methodical with chems but I did mix up a batch in my fixer last week. Fortunatly I saw the error.


PS I was quite impressed with the 8.5 months

If you put double B or A in a working solution I doubt you would be the first person to do that. I am dumb enought to have killed more than one good negative that way.

But I suspect that may have happened in your case if you got absolutely no devloper action from the mix. A light brown mix suggests that oxidation is taking place and would probably give weaker results, or perhaps more staining, than a clear solution, but I don't think it would be totally dead.