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Der Celac,

I've been to the Seitz factory and met the brothers. I'm sure they'll do very small runs -- Alpa isn't exactly a mass production item, and in fact, nothing they make is mass produced. Thomas and Ursula (owners of Alpa) are non-engineers, but the Seitz brothers translated quite vague ideas into gorgeous cameras. I'd certainly recommend that you contact them, but as I say, it won't be cheap.


Thanks. I admire ofcourse both Seitz and Alpa (both incarnations of the latter). How can one not admire such a lovely mix of the esoteric and the practical. In the same way that car collectors imagine happening upon a "barn find" I can see discovering one of those fabulous roll to roll panoramic enlargers... anyway you get the idea. I'm afraid that I read into your first post a bit of irony which was perhaps not intended on your part. It seemed difficult to imagine an established firm such as Seitz taking on small jobs, "over the transom" as it were. I appreciate that you meant to provide a practical suggestion based on your experience.