I read your message photo engineer which saying you are sorry to not see the applicants of your posts.
Let me try instant photography. My english is weak and when it comes to 60 years old technical patent english , it is weaker.
I have a polaroid 350 and money to buy hungrian bw photopapers.
I am a practical person .
Now what do I need to do for to get positive , instantly developed and fixed results from the photo paper which is exposed in polaroid 350 .
Let AgX and you write whatever we need , step by step and with explaining how we measure ph and others. What will be the temperatures of chemical mixing stages , how can we do with cheapest , non toxic and easiest to find materials not polaroid patent chemicals.
I did not start to this polaroid business because I could not understand whatever told.
If you are willing to teach to a idiot , you can grasp the fruits from the tree.
I am willing to invest this method and mixing and selling the chemicals.
If I succeed than I will go to kodachrome and try.
If I can do it , everyone can do it.

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac