"Great artists are often not entirely in step with their times". That sounds too much like some mediocre "movie star" or athlete who thinks they are above the law because they are a "star" or celebrity. To me, relying on shock and offensiveness, and portraying corpses in this way is not art. It is just an overgrown two year old screaming dirty words to get attention and it is sick. Even if technically "well executed" I would have no desire look at it, and would definitely not buy it. It is easy to act detached if you can stay at a distance but I wonder. If any of you happened on a picture of your sister, brother, or mother, how many of you would consider hunting him down and doing some very bad things to him? It would be on my mind. You might not do it but I guarantee you would think about it. Some things should be left alone for the sake of simple human decency.