You are probabably missing the filmholders, which are inserted behind the ground glass. Post photos...

In general, American cameras will have large front frames and wood rails, the front hinged so it swings up, the back rail (if present) removeable. Brand names are Gundlach Korona, Ansco, Kodak, etc. European and Asian cameras are smaller and lighter, and generally designed around the English style; foldable, with a large diameter tripod rail mount, and built-in extensions, much thinner and lighter. These extensions are geared and "stack" under the camera into a compact base when not extended.

Both types are usable, but the American style is definitely less portable. I am attaching photos of two examples: a half-plate Japanese Asanuma King 1 and an American 5x7 Gundlach Korona View.

Asanuma Shokai King 1 (Japanese half-plate)

5x7 Gundlach Korona View (American)