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Is the stand method or some minimal agitation method suitable for 35mm film as well as for sheet film? If so does anyone have experience with 35mm? Also I think that some films must respond better than others. Any comments?

35mm TriX in D76 diluted 1 to 20 agitate for the first 3 minutes and leave the tank in a water bath at 24c for up to 3 hours, stop and fix as normal. The negatives will be grainy but IMO will produce quite nice gritty prints. A variation of this is the DD/FF techniques used by press photographers in the days when Tri X was the fastest fim available. Sometimes when the light was fading fast and flash was not an option they rated TriX from 400 to 1600 on the same roll and diluted D76 at 1 to 50 and left it in the developer for 6 hours. I've tried this and every negative was printable and the combination produced the most beautiful grain. If you don't like grain don't try it.