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OK. Maybe a few more. If you don&#39;t know, Michealangelo did something completely illegal to learn about the human body so he could paint and sculpt. He snuck in and disected them. da Vinci did similar things.

Yet both of these men are revered today as masters of art.

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True, but the anatomical drawings of DaVinci became the basis for what today we know as anatomy and medicine. Somehow I doubt Witkin&#39;s work will become that relevant in the future. But even if we concede you the point, two wrongs do not make a right, if we follow your reasoning and since autopsis became an accepatble way to teach medicine I guess it is ok to put a body parts store so hollywood and any photographer can go and "rent" them for their art.

I have to disagree with this, there should be a basic respect to humanity if not for the dead people at least for the relatives still living who considered this person a valuable one in their lives.

On another plane, Michelangelo&#39;s and DaVinici&#39;s actions were motivated by a desire to learn and know how the human body worked, lets remember that DaVinci was also what we would call today a gifted engineer. I seriously doubt that Witkin wanted to learn anything.