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I'm reposting this old thread for the benefit of anyone that is interested in going in on a lot of these tubes. There has all of a sudden been two people who have contacted me and are interested in getting some of these. I would like to have 5 people to do this and we need two more. These really work nice and I just love them. So if anyone else wants to go in on them just holler and we can do it. If five people do it we can be at 50 or thereabouts each.


I can say that the welding rod tubes are working out great so far. I tried using ABS pipe(2") at first but found three things that I didn't like...
1) The weight of them
2) The ease of getting the caps on and off
3) Having to fix in a tray
With the Rod Gaurd tubes I have eliminated the pre soak with no difference in the end result at all(FP4). I know allot of people say to do it but on the other hand there are people that are just as firm on NOT doing it. Well I tried it and it works just fine without. I can load the tube up dry and fixing is done to completion inside the tube. These tubes are very lightweight and to screw the caps on and off is very quick and easy. I have since contacted the Manufactuer and I can get these tubes in BLACK but I have to buy 48 of them. If any one on this forum wants to purchase with me, we can get them for under 5.00 each. The company sent me one so as I could try it to see if it was light tight and yeppers it was. Silver Pixels is interested in some and I'm wanting more so why don't we get together on this and get some. I'd like to have more than one so I can do multiple sheets. The company also said they can work out a deal for extra caps. That would be handy. So at around 4.80 each that comes out to about 230.00 less shipping. If we get 4 people on this we're at about 60 bucks each! That's doable I think. The other thing I like about them (and the ABS as well) is that in a water bath there is zero flucuations in temp and that is key. Anyone out there interested let me know and let's do this."
Hey Mike, count me in, while I will still be doing brush development for the 12x20's, I think I can get away with doing tube development for the 8x10's. I tried the Jobo expert drum on a motor base and it was a hassle, specially if you had more than one neg in the drum. So sounds like the welding rod tubes are a good solution.