I've noticed that there are often many, many more ads in American magazines than there are in magazines from the U.K., France, or Australia (most of the "international" ones that I see on the rack are from those countries). I read a recent Reuters article that mentioned that the current issue of American Vogue had 750 total pages, of which something like 576 were ads.

Magazines that I see from the other three countries often appear to have the ad-article ratio reversed. They may have an unbroken block of articles/photo essays that covers many pages.

If there are more ads and fewer and shorter articles/photo essays in American magazines, that may shrink the market for editorial photographers. It may also lessen people's appetite for magazines ($5.00 for a book that's mostly ads may not attract people).

Do you think that at some point the majority of magazine-buyers would say that there are too many ads to justify purchasing a certain magazine? If so, what do you think would determine that "breaking point?"

Do you think that American magazine-buyers have a higher tolerance for ads than do people in other countries? Do you think that American people in general like to see the ads in magazines?