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IMO, the Metrolux II has the edge but unlike Les I only own one and use one daily. =8^). For the money you get 6 programable channels and real time. With the accessories you can resize and adjust the time automatically and it can be a small densitometer and it features a shutter timer checker. I don't think the RHdesigns do all that but I could be wrong.

I have a Metrolux II timer and it is hard for me to believe that anything could be better, but the caveat is that I have never used the RHdesigns. But the Metrolux does everything I could ask for and more, including the ability to function as a shutter tester.

However, I do have a question. The Metrolux II is a timer based on light integration and it measures the amount of light that can potentially fall on the sensitized material and affect exposure, in the way that a water meter measures the amount of water that passes through the system. Is the timer of the RHdesigns also based on light integration?