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I have a Metrolux II timer and it is hard for me to believe that anything could be better, but the caveat is that I have never used the RHdesigns. But the Metrolux does everything I could ask for and more, including the ability to function as a shutter tester.

However, I do have a question. The Metrolux II is a timer based on light integration and it measures the amount of light that can potentially fall on the sensitized material and affect exposure, in the way that a water meter measures the amount of water that passes through the system. Is the timer of the RHdesigns also based on light integration?

I have the RH designs timer with the light integrator module that plugs right into the Zone VI head on my enlarger. It works really well, and makes doing test strips exceedingly easy since it is a true f-stop timer. It also makes split grade printing a breeze. I can't say enough good things about it.