Excelent Information-- As always.

I will create searches in ebay for Stopclock Pro and Metrolux. I have yet to investigate pricing for the Metrolux, but suspect that if the StopClock retails for 170.00 usd it will sell on ebay for under 125.00.

The paper processor, 2 porta mixers, water temp control and filters, the enlarger, table and lenses cost me Nothing and the film processor, which came with the Wing-lynch filter and water temp panels, and film drier was a trade for services. Total out of pocket 0.00usd

I should be able to justify one of those timers to my far more attractive half.

Thank you very much for the offer I may take you up on it.

FrankB, Les, Clogz, Dave Miller, Leaon, Clay, Jorge, Geary, titrisol, and Sandy Thank you one and all.

It never ceases to amaze me how well informed and helpful this place is. I shudder to think how this thread might have been treated on photonet. This is without a doubt the best forum on the web with the best membership.

Oooh shoot now I need a hanky.