Well guys... I appreciate all of your offers and suggestions! I've taken a couple of you up on them.

I posted a want ad on craigslist. Within 20 minutes I got a response from a guy with a Beseler 67 Dichroic, and pretty much everything I need to get this set up minus the basics like a safelight and easel. In addition to the enlarger I now have tons of containers and lots of chems including E6 and RA-4 things. Now in regards to film and paper... wow...
-A huge roll of "near infrared" aerial film. I think it's kodak.
-500 feet of Kodak Ektachrome 160t
-100 feet of Tri-X
-Probably 40 rolls of various Fuji and Konica color negative film.
-Several hundred feet of Fuji Crystal Archive,
-A few hundred feet of Agfa color paper "Type 11"
-At least 50 sheets of 11x14 Agfacolor portrait paper
-Big roll of Kodak EDGE 8
-5 boxes of Sterling fiber paper (B&W)

Well I'm definitely set up for color... Any of this stuff really special that I should be aware of?