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John's still life images are photographed at various stages as he arranges them so that those elements that were in the frame as he started to construct it receive full exposure and those placed in the set up part the way through receive only partial exposure hence the ghost like appearance.
I suppose this would lead to dense negatives if the picture were to be made too complicated.

The wind series that you mention were a mix of multiple and long single exposures in very windy conditions. As I write I'm looking at two of his multiple exposure water images and one of the trees in Ambergate Derbyshire where he shot the "Leila" series. They have been a constant source of inspiration and pleasure in the 20 years that I have had them.
One of C.W.'s first lecture workshops under the 'Quest' banner was with John Blakemore where he talked about his tulip obsession. Although we did not see any of his other subject matter, the photographs we were shown were excellent. While I have participated in several of your practical workshops and learnt a lot I might say, John's lecture was not so much about technical aspects of photography but the reasons for it all and although we did have technical question and answer later, he was certainly an inspitation to us.