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I don't speak Dutch but this is what happened to Spotone. I believe the original owner/manufacturer passed away and this is from a new company.


At least I think this is what you are after!

Hi Mick (and sorry to the forum for the ingels),

I spoke with the owner ...don't remember his name...a few years ago. He was not dead, just tired. (I think I posted on the APUG english forum about it before...here's from my bad memory He had stopped production because of health problems and didn't feel like restarting because there was no longer enough volume to go through the trouble of mixing batches. As well, some of the original analine dyes had been difficult to find, uneconomical to buy for small batches or had been outright discontinued. Somewhere in there was a story about original formulas being accidentally tossed out when he lossed the lease to the old factory.

He told me that Charlie Kalt (BKA/Marshall's) had offered to buy him out, but SpotTone's price was unrealistic (in my opinion). BKA subsequently came up with their lookalike brand (which, as far as I understand, does not have exactly the same characteristics of the original SpotTone. NB: I'm not saying it doesn't work). The old man seemed bitter about the Kalt lookalike.

I had contacted the gentleman on behalf of FotoImpex, who wanted to buy the formulae, but he didn't seem interested enough to come up with an offer. Like I said, he seemed tired.

Hope this helps keep the story straight.