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Well, I like the pictures, but there's never enough and now I'm getting a bad itch to see real prints instead of internet browsing.

I'm visiting New York next month. Maybe I'll find some good galleries or photography museums to visit...
You might have a hard time: John Max is sadly one of the fallen genius type. He was very active in the 60s-70s, but in the years following his first publications and major exhibits, something must have happened with his personal life because he gradually withdrew from the public view.

I'm sure there must be some NY dealer somewhere with his prints, and if you find anything over there, I would really love a little report! Even in Canada, where he worked for most of his life, he's pretty much unknown outside of artistic/academic circles. There has been no recent publications of his work since the early 80s. Some exhibition catalogues, but no proper reprints of his books. It's a shame.

It's the Velvet Underground syndrome: only 10 people saw his work, but the 10 were all photographers, and his influence is actually bigger than his popularity. He was buddy with Robert Frank, Leonard Cohen, Frank Zappa, Andy Warhol, and plenty of other people.