Developer and film together make a set that can be targeted for a specific set of challenges in an image. For 8x10 film to be contact printed on azo, kalitype or other alt process, the developer needs to create a dense image that is not blown out in the highlights and does not have a lot of base fog. This is a completely different developer than what would be used for 35 mm film where maximum enlargability is the requirement. For other formats where extra sharpness may be desired, a developer that creates edge effects might be selected. If the range of brightness (SBR) is great, a compensating developer might be needed. I use a different developer for push processing when I need it. I keep the following film developers on hand: Pyrocat HD, Microdol, D76, TD3 (for tech pan) and Split D23. I will soon be trying out Acufine (home brew version) for yet another application.