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Who uses/stocks more than 1 developer/fixer and what brand/homebrew? What do you feel are the advantages or specific results your after from these combos?
Quite honestly I think you could open any/every thread in here and you would find 1 if not 10 different posts about people personal experiences with developers/multiple developers.

Ive been doing my own black and white developing/printing for about a year as well and I have found I started out using Tmax then purchased Ilfotec DDX, D76, and a small bottle of Rodinal..... the small bottle of rodinal got used up QUICKLY and the two gallon jugs of Ilfotec DDX and D76 still have stock in them.

I just found (through experimentation and testing) that I really liked the resulting negatives from the different dilutions of rodinal and the prints were astounding compared to the prints from my tmax and ddx negatives.

Ive also purchased some PMK Pyro, mostly because I am a curious person and wanted to see for myself what all the hoopla and talk was about that I kept hearing. so I purchased some and have only developed abotu 10 sheets in it but I have exact doubles to compare them to that were developed in Rodinal. and the results are different for sure. the stain is apparent and the negative holds a much different feel to it. They print wonderfully as well. I printed an 11x14 last night just to quench my darkroom addiction (no real need for it I just wanted to print one of my Pyro negatives)

I guess its just experimentation and learning as many of the "tools" that we have at our disposal and seeing which ones of the many fit each of us best.