A year and a half ago I ventured up a seemingly nameless narrow dirt road that split off from the slightly larger "main" dirt road that traverses through a State Park near our home in Copake. It took me up an incline to an large open meadow a few farm houses and outbuildings etc. with a small apple orchard to boot. Beyond was also posted privately-owned fields etc.

Apparently this farmstead abuts the edge of the Park so the road is a public accessway although it ends up at the edge of private lands.

After discovering this idyllic landscape I regularly return there at different times of the year - often when I'm stumped for something to shoot. It is kind of a "fail safe" place to grab a couple of shots.

Posted in my Gallery here are shots of a fence line that I have been shooting up there from time to time.

Now I don't visit this place at specific times over the course of a year - such as to do a "seasonal study"; but I figure that, over time, I will have captured some of its essences and moods.

BTW: Once I discovered the dirt road - I learned its name: High Valley Road.