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Hi Christopher
You may visit " atelier Ph7". It should still have some CHristina Andreson's tricolor gum, he (Roger) also some of my prints and other alt printer. I think you should call before going there , and do not forget to ask to see more print than the exhibited one.

Have nice hollidays (Isn't Belgium a lot tainy these days?????)
Hi Christian, hope you're doing well, my friend..

Thanks for the information ... exactly what I was looking for (though George and AgX are right...I'm probably here at the wrong time of year. Even the Young Gallery just closed up for vacation).

And yes . . . the cherry on the cake, after all the galleries being closed in an already sleepy ...if charming... city... the ^;("&! rain.
But at least it's not as bad as last year... ah, la draaache...j'ai mme vu No et l'arche. As Cosby would say, "Right".

I'll call you after I return to Paris.

A plus,