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Dear Christopher Nisperos,

There are two rather interesting musea for photography in Belgium. One of the Flemish Cultural Community in Antwerp, see : www.fotomuseum.be and one of the French Cultural Community near Charleroi, see : www.museephoto.be .
Both have a permanent collection and temporally exhibitions.
You can also check the gallery of the 'Jardin Botanique' in Brussels for a temporarily exhibition, but I am not sure about an photography exhibition at the moment.
Of course there are the several Musea for Fine Arts all over the country as well as the Musea for Modern (and Contemporary-) Arts who have photography in their permanent collections (Gent, Antwerp, Brussels, liege, ...).

Not to mention the private and commercial initiatives of course.

Have a nice stay in Belgium!

Hello Philippe,

I was just in Antwerp today .. very sorry to see your kind suggestion only now, after returning. It's a good excuse for me to return .. it's only an hour away. Thanks very much for the information. (and I always have a nice stay in Belgium, no problem..) (even with the rain)



PS - yes, I see what you mean by "private and commercial initiatives" .. I've found tiny exhibitions, here and there in cafes and the like... some of them very interesting.