rootberry, you don't say where in the world you are - are you in the Northern Hemisphere? I haven't used Kentmere Bromide in awhile, but I do use Kentona. I made wonderful, neutral prints using amidol and 130 in the spring, but when the summer temperatures went up, I began to get a yellow fog. I emailed Kentmere, and the folks there told me that the EU had forced them to remove cadmium from their papers, and the result was a tendency to developer fogging. They recommended exposing more and having the print in the developer less time.

That wasn't an acceptable solution to me, so I experimented with adding KBr and benzotriazole to my developers until I got rid of the fog and got the print color I like. As I say, this was with Kentona.

If you are in the northern climes and your darkroom temperatures have gone up, you may well have the same problem. As Doug says, adding some benzo may be the answer.