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Ok, if my "cloudy" aperture is really f13 and not f8, then my smaller "sunny" aperture (as modified by Randy) can't be f11, as claimed. It must be smaller than f13...so what two apertures does a Holgamods Hoga really have?
It can, there's a little ring behind the lens that you can pop out, which makes it about f/10 (details here). IIRC Randy pops that out and glues a washer to the aperture arm, thus making it actually effective.

The hole in the metal shutter plate is f/8 (well, f/7.9, but whatever), so depending on how Randy drills the plastic and what size washer he uses, f/8 and f/11 are probably as right on as you're going to get with a Holga.

Though, even if they are, Holga have some really funky stuff going on, because f/8 at ~1/100 on a sunny day should completely blow out ISO 400 film, but it's just about right. I did some tests on the lens--info and discussion here--but found nothing that made any sense to me.