Well, film and developer combinations do look different, no matter what anyone says. As I have reimmersed myself in the B&W world over the last two years, I have tried different combos and as such, I can plan, shoot, develop and print to a certain look that strikes me as I am photographing. I am a continual explorer of new looks, even if I have not mastered the nuances of each combination as I work through it. Personal issues, I guess you could say.

So, I am in the process of exploring what 777 does on several films/exposures/developments. I am pretty happy with the preliminary negatives of Classic200 @ E.I. 160 for 7 minutes @ 75F. This is good, as this is the film I use in most of my wierd sized Press camera film holders. I am not happy with the tests so far of HP5 in this developer, but I also know it's a matter of reeling in the process times for this film. 777 on Tri-X has promise but that part of the equation is not a pressing issue right now.

I like the results I have of APX100 4x5 and 120 in W2D2+. Make that I LOVE the results I have gotten. I am waiting on a color transmission densitometer to bring this one into the BTZS testing and then will fine tune my shooting with this film in my Speed Graphic for the majority of my LF work in the near future.

I use Diafine for Tri-X shot at 1250 or so, 1000 with flash. I use this combination for some of my older MF and 135 cameras that either don't have a rangefinder, or have a marginal RF that benefit from an increased DOF using smaller apertures.

And finally, I use Rodinal (1+50) for picking up the pieces of everything else and for shooting PanF in my MF folders. These PanF films are stand developed at 1+200 for 90 minutes. An ongoing project utilizing the bright California sun and my decades long interest in recording interesting architectural detail I find as I wander through the Oceanside country. So far, the negatives of this experiment make really good enlarged positives (and negatives) for Alternative process work.

I have used FX-39 (blah) and of course, my two years at NESOP were consumed with the understanding of the intricacies of Tri-X in D-76 1:1. That combo is technically very good, yet I suspect I shot too much of it.

tim in san jose