I keep D76, Rodinal, A49, Diafine and the makings for Gainer's Metol-C on hand at all times. D76 because it works with almost any emulsion made and does a consistently excellent job at what it's made for, ie good film speed and low apparent grain. I use it with TX, FP4, Forte-Classic Pan-EDU types, and Maco/Efke 100. I use Rodinal when I want a little extra sharpness and/or very crisp grain, but not with the Forte type films. I just don't like it with those. The A49 is for the Forte type 400 films. Very nice tones and small tight grain for this film. Diafine for TX if I need it to go faster. The Metol-C is like D76 the way I see it-almost. For some reason it does a little extra for landscapes with TX in MF. I can't put my finger on it, but I like it better than anything else for those kind of shots.
For fixer I use Kodak powder type and Paterson Accufix. The Kodak for prints-it does what it's supposed to, and I've always done it that way. Just a habit that I can't see a reason to change. The Accufix because it's fast for film, (clears the films i use in about a minute) and it has a better capacity than anything else I've tried (Ilford, Kodak).
For print developer I use mostly Dektol because I think it's the best paper developer there is...for me anyway, and that's what counts! Most every paper seems to like it. I also use Agfa Neutol because I like it with Luminos paper, and it is very robust, (long-lived), and economical. Zonal Pro Warm if I want warm (natch).

Yes, you may have opened a can of worms, but you've caught quite a few fish.