Solution A

water @ 125f 500ml
sod sulphite 36.5gr
boric acid crystals 9.4gr
Hydroquinone 28.9gr
pot bromide 2.0gr
water to make 1000ml

Solution B

water @ 90f 500ml
sod bisulphite 11.0gr
sod sulphite 1.0gr
paraformadehyde 37.5gr
water to make 1000ml

Dilution- I would sugest a starting point of 1 part both A and B to 4 parts water.
the colour and contrast of lith prints is controlled by exposure abd development and generally the colours are more variable when the developer is getting toward the end of it's working life hence starting with a higher dilution.


Solution A

water @ 50c 750ml
hydroquinone 25.0gr
pot metabisulphite 25.0gr
pot bromide 25.0gr
water to make 1000ml

Solution B

water @ 30c 750ml
pot hydroxide 50.0gr
water to make 1000ml

please note add hydroxide slowly to the water it is a nasty chemical

dilution- for lith printing start with 1 part A and B to 4 parts water and the same applies as above with regard to the effect of dilution

You can use this developer to increase contrast in conventional black and white printing but with a dilution of 1 part A to 1 part B with no water added.

Have fun.