I'd like to underline something that Daniel_OB has mentioned with respect to photography in fiction. I'm not sure if it's by chance or by fact of experience, but his interpretation of the Realist-American/Fictional-Canadian difference in photography is very similar to the thesis held by Penny Cousineau-Levine in her book "Faking Death."

She's a professor at the University of Ottawa, dept. of fine arts, and her book is pretty much the first book-length survey of Canadian art photography. She argues that, unlike American's Trancendentalist-inspired tradition of representing the Thing Itself, Canadian photographers represent subjectivity, use fiction a lot more, and are not about "literal" representations.

Cf. for instance Edward Weston's insistence on rendering in excruciatingly precise details his subjects, with John Max's dreamy portraits http://www.netspaceproject.com/john-max/index.html