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I'm sure whatever your post was going to be, in no way would it eclipse Mrs Bartley's leisure activity for John!

Seriously post it. The whole process was at least a leisure activity for you!
Actually, the original assignment was a Summer activity or, as then modified, a current "seasonal" one giving some courtesy to our friends in the anitpodes. Yes, we all were taken aback by the "caption" requirement - but sometimes you just "suck it up and do it."

Leisure might be the popular choice for how to approach this assignment - and not necessarily different from what I shot - but it wasn't the main criterion. The criterion was a "seasonal" shot.

I just don't see why, only half way through the period, the assignment got changed.

Why bother having an assignment if it can be changed arbitrarily? I guess it's good that the assignment was changed when we were only half-way through the period - certainly better than the night before - that would have really meant a "fix" was in.

Anyway, as I said - why bother now?