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Your "summer" pictures are still fine Barbara Ann......

Don't be shy folks, post away and show us anything at all about how you spend your summer leisure (or other) time.

cheers eh?

I have two issues:

First, the original assignment was kind of a PJ one. Take a summery shot and add a caption. Now it is changed to showing "your summer leisure (or other) time" - so it is no longer a PJ assignment but a personal perspective.

Second, why with only one-half of the assignment period elapsed, was it assumed that there would be no submissions? Admittedly, two months is a rather long time for a "PJ-like" assignment but it is what it is.

I realize that we do this for fun - but when we play Monopoly we do that for fun too - and we don't expect the rules to change halfway through the game.

When I did the "horses" thing I realized after a short while that it was going to have a low submission rate. But it never occurred to me that I could just change the assignment. How is that fair to the few who were pursuing the original assignment?

Well, if I can get my darned slides developed before the end, I'll decide whether to submit. But I've kind of lost enthusiasm.