A plastic 6x6 camera called a Sunpet (looks a little like a cross between a Holga and a Diana) with a 70mm f/8 lens is a toy camera I bought for $1 at a (now closed) flea market store in Ypsilanti. Focusing the lens is the only adjustment this camera offers,.....oh, and I can choose as to how far to advance the film, too. F/8 is it for the aperture setting. I shot a roll through it back in 1996 and another roll just this past weekend.

Along with the Sunpet, I purchased a Diana copy called a Windsor, also for $1. I have yet to use it and I think it's because of all the options available to me with this camera. Not only can I focus the Windsor lens and advance the film to my liking, but I also have three options of aperture settings (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy), and there's a 'B' setting. After 11 years, I'm still easing into this intimidating camera. ;-)

I also have a Kowa Cragstan Zen-99 camera that takes 127 film. I consider this a metal toy camera. It's the size of a 35mm rangefinder and has a 70mm lens. Aperture choices are just like the Windsor,...sunny, partly sunny and cloudy. There is no focus adjustment for the lens! It has a 'B' setting. Film advance is like the Sunpet and Windsor. There is a cold-shoe (accessory shoe) but no flash sync connection. Lastly, there is a 1/4-20 thread tripod hole at the bottom and, interestingly, inside the camera are two inserts that can be removed and reversed so that the camera can produce either 4x4 or 4x6 cm images. And, it has the original Kowa lens cap. Wow!

I also have a Coca-Cola camera shaped like, and is the same size as, a Coke can. It even has a flash that folds out! It's 35mm.

Then, there is a Meikai EL (chrome version) 35mm camera still in it's original box. I have no idea where I got this but I think this falls in the toy camera department. Seems to be something one would get as a gift with a magazine subscription or something. Translated, I believe that "Meikai" is how a baby might say, "My camera.", and so,....it's a toy camera. Okay? ;-)

Lastly, is the ugliest and worst put together camera I own, the Ansco Color Clipper. It probably falls into a different category, like junk cameras, but I had to mention it. It looks like it was put together by an 8th grade metal workshop class. There are two choices for aperture settings: 'color' and 'b & w'. Judging by the size of the diaphragm when either setting is chosen, it looks like color was the slower film choice available at the time with it's wide open setting. You can focus the lens and it has a flash synch connection. I'd love to be able to lubricate the shutter to give this piece of junk a try, but the damn thing is riveted together! Perhaps I'll just dunk the whole thing in motor oil and let it soak for a day or two. Then let it hang for a week, wipe off what I can and see what happens. :-)

I have a few more in the basement but I'm losing track of my inventory. I have a brother who keeps finding photographic gems at garage sales.

Okay, enough for now......