John don't take the heat on this one for me. It's my responsibility. I asked to change this for two reasons. The immediate feedback in the original thread when I asked if we should change the assignment and the lack of any entry whatsoever at the end of the month. Seriously, how do we know you hard at work or even interested if there is no feedback? I only went on the feedback I got and I adjusted to it by asking to change it.

I feel that the new assignment will garner more entries. I also feel that it is not that much different since I did quote in the original assignment "Summer vacation or anything related to this time of year. Is it hiking or biking, eating or reading, fishing or swimming or travel." But as it is, and since I have offended some with the change of course I will offer my sincere apologies. I was not looking to satisfy everyone with this change; just get more involved. As it is and as John has noted, please enter your work. Summer and leisure go hand in hand and at least your writing was hopefully a leisure activity for you.

respectfully, Wayne