O.k. I just recently had some surgery. Minor stuff really, but I needed to be in the hospital for a fews days and am only now getting back online....

Anyway, about three minutes after being given 4mgs of morphine in my IV, I came up with either a good idea, or....well, a morphine induced nightmare...

I figured it would be possible to modify a Holga to hold some old 6x9cm film folders. In my quest (continuing and getting better by the way) to make dry plates, I got some 6xi9cm plate holders. I have also seen them in plate/film combos. Now, while the Holga at BEST covers 6xi6 (and that last 0.5 is really iffy in the corners), that is still good coverage for the 6xi9 format. It isn't like say using a Polaroid back on a 35mm system. Plus, if you want that vignetted look, this is the way to go.

So, as I sit here with my friends in the little brown pill bottles, I am thinking how to precede here.

See, I could do two things -

1 - With some Dremel work, get the back of the Holga "flush" so that the plane of the 6x9 holder is aligned with the imaging circle. Then adapt some sort spring back system onto what is left.

2 - Screw the camera body. The lens and the shutter on a holga come of easily. And if you go for the "SA" model, snipping and rerouting the flash wires is very simple. Take the lens and shutter assembly off the Holga, attach it to a wooden body similar the 4x5 pinholers that Bender puts out, and leave it at that. You make the back end of the camera and simply screw on the old Holga assembly. As long as your math is moderately ok, and nobody is giving you morphine. Do it on a lensplate, and you could even have a 6x9 pinhole/Helga.

So the questions are

1 - Should I listen the voices in my head when I am chasing the dragon?

2 - Should I try and modify a holga body or just make a body with a Holga lens on it?

One seems kind of "bottom up" and the other seems "top down".