I'm shooting 5x7 the most now - I love the shape, and it is the smallest size that still makes a decent contact print. I'm getting into whole plate, as soon as the Fotoman holders are available. I'm also in the process of acquiring an 11x14 and a 5x12 camera. Part of my vision has always been panoramic, and again, 5x12 is the smallest size in that genre that makes a nice contact print. The oddball thing is that I traded my Xpan (which is a nifty little camera, but I'm not using it enough) for the 11x14, and I traded my Hasselblad lenses for the 5x12 (again, not using them enough). I'm keeping my 8x10, because I've got just too much tied up in it, and the 8x10 I do have is just so nice, it would be a real challenge to replace it if I wanted to get back into it later. I'm figuring the 11x14 will get mostly used in the studio, but the 5x7 and 5x12 will get used in the field a lot more.