I use a Polaroid 360. The bellows/frame look of the camera gets attention and makes street photography less intimidating for the subjects I think. You can take pictures of kids and seem like less of a creep. The electronic flash helps me take great B&W 'press photo' style shots at weddings and events. It is a pretty versatile camera with the close-up and portrait attachments.

If you want to pick one up you'll need to replace the non-user replaceable battery in the electronic flash.

Also, with the help of two rubber bands it can be modded to accept common CR123 batteries.

I use 669 film in Florida for great old postcard colors. 665 (I stockpiled but it can still be found) for grand landscapes or even some street work (since I can gift the print and keep the neg). Fuji FP-100C for color and Fuji FP-3000B for B&W in any light.

I like my SX-70 and Spectra too but they definitely don't get as much use as my pack film camera.