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Don't waste precious little time going to the MOMA. last time I was there; last year; it was a total joke-throngs-no hoardes of people just moving through the galleries. this is no way to appreciate art.
It's true that the MoMA can be crowded. What's wonderful about that is that the admission fee is $20, yet there are flocks of folk attending. And they're not just older or younger or whiter or blacker or domestic or foreign or more or less hip....they're all those. It's really quite a treat to see the benches packed in front of a Van Gogh mural with people truly rapt; immersed in the spirit of the gallery. Just try to get some private time with Starry Night! Not likely!

When art is embraced to that extent, I feel optimistic that the culture in this country isn't beyond redemption. People of all descriptions either care or are willing to try to care. I've not felt so buoyant after a museum visit in a long time.

I hope your visit to New York offers you a similar sense of excitement and inspiration.