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Dave-I was going to put this up yesterday but I'll do it now. My intention was not moma bashing in the least. I seldom if ever post negatively on this or any other site. au contraire moma does have one the most outstanding photo collections in the world. unfortunately the board of directors has chosen commerce over art.
I used to cut high school and go there. part of my photo education was from actually seeing all the strands; westons; muyerbridge; et al that was hanging on the walls. one could actually stand there and take the time to soak it in. i'm afraid that is no longer the case. the sheer amount of people cruising through the galleries makes it virtually impossible.
do check out the soho photo gallery. kind of a favorite of mine and the tribeca neighborhood on a sunday morning is wonderful. you can cruise up into soho and get an idea of what those places were like long ago. for brunch try the cupping room in soho. real pancakes with vt. maple syrup.....
I will look up both MMA and MOMA and see what's there before I make up my mind. For the right pictures I would brave the crowds.

I looked up the galleries you listed it looks like the Soho gallery is on vacation while we're there.