Sorry guys i have been travelling the past few weeks.


I don't have any old architecture places on the top of my head here in Asheville but that doesn't mean I can't do some research which I will. There is a great old set of industrial buildings in various states of disrepair on Hwy 25 just outside of Greenville, SC (Asheville side of Hwy 25) that are begging to be shot but there is ample razor wire surrounding the compound so its going to take access. I've been wanting to look into getting in. Next time I fly out of that airport I will try to work some time in to stop and see if I can't get a name to hound. I am fairly free from now until Sept 23rd with a few notable exceptions (the weekends of August 18,19 and 24 25 are out). I am off from work though until Sept 23rd so weekdays work for me with the slightest bit of forewarning so that I don't spring both kids on my wife). If ya'll have suggestions I'll try to make it. Its always fun to meet fellow ape huggers. I'll even break out the 20 x 24 and weight belt for the occasion.

2Bugles if you get up to Asheville let me know and we can do some Pt/Pd here as that and wet plate are all I shoot. Your more than welcome to stop by one day and get your hands dirty--in the case of wet plate that is a literal fact--those silver stains stick around for a while

Hope it works out to cross paths,