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The acidic hardener will hurt the developre AFAIK. Kodak would only use it as a separate solution with a wash after the hardener. It can also cause fog in the developer.

Hardening is a crosslinking of the gelatin by aldehyde groups or metals such as chrome alum. You can use 5 ml of chrome alum or glyoxal (either one as a 10% solution in distilled water) in the emulsion BEFORE you coat. This should harden the coating as it dries before the process. At least, that is what I do.

OK, thanks for the explanation. I will keep a separate batch of developer without hardener for my normal prints.

In terms of drying the paper, I've resorted to my watercolor tape drying method for fiber based prints, for keeping the paper flat. This means I will first soak the paper, than attach it to a glass plate and fasten it with watercolor tape. After drying, the paper can be safely coated without bulging due to the tensioning in the paper.

The Hahnemuehle acrylic paper worked well for printing. I have some first print results ready now and I am very pleased with the overall look of the print and the feel and structure of the paper. Still some minor issues with even coating though, I have some more training to do.