This is one of those threads where we will never have a final answer. I can only speak for me. I believe art should NOT be controlled or regulated (usually). That would be enforced mediocrity, and it would be enforced by bureaucrats and "do-gooders" with their own personal agendas and mental hangups. I say "usually" because where do you say ENOUGH? Years ago, there were a lot of stories about "snuff" movies. I still don't know if they were true or just urban legend. So, if the guy doing that called it art, would that make it OK to commit and film a real murder? Nope. On the other hand, any "artist" should have at least a touch of common sense and respect for their subject. To me, robbing graves and buying bodies as if they were car parts from a junk yard is just wrong. I enforce "my personal law" by not buying any of it. Even if the prints were only 50 cents apiece, I would not buy any. For someone trying to deliberately offend us, while trying to make money off us, that is the kiss of death. Supply and demand. Let the market place decide.