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They were coated with a blade I built, inspired by PE's design, but made of plastic and with a couple of adjustments to the shape to help increase the stability of the lightweight blade.
Ben: I'm working with a brush because I love the effect of that. Thanks anyway for your response.

By the way, I noticed you wrote in one of these other threads:
"2: I need a better drying system. IE. One that is lightproof. I need to be able to leave the darkroom before the coatings are dry."

I realized this same issue... Hence, last week, I spend the better part of three days creating a "home-grown" drying system. It's based on a black developer tray of 50*60cm, which I gave a light-tight hood, and an active - light-tight - ventilation system based on three computer ventilators and a bunch of black matting carton. A light tight air inlet covered with vacuum cleaner filter keeps the dust out.

Bison-Kit glue and black tape were my best friends to put it all together. I stack the paper on glass plates separated by interlocking aluminium U beams (about 1.5 cm between each plate).

Works great! A lot of work but also a lot of fun to build

If I have the time, I may put a description with some photo's on my website...