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Seems like this is Leica's response to CZ's new ZM lenses.

The translated press release is kind of confusing. Says the new lenses were developed in Germany and so carry the "larva in Germany" designation. Can't quite figure out what would be the correct synonym for "larva"* - could mean "made". But does that mean manufactured there?

I wonder where these new lenses are actually being made?

* "larva" as used in English is an immature, pre-adult, stage of an insect's life span - suggesting perhaps these lenses while "designed" in Germany are not being built there?

Copake Ham,

You should have resorted to some foreign language dictionaries before:
the English perfect `madeŽ is identical to the German noun `MadeŽ which can be translated as `larvaŽ...

You really should not trust that translator any longer.

In that press release quoted in the Photoscala magazine Leica Camera states that these new lenses are designed in Germany and are handmade in Solms nearby Wetzlar.

(I assume that "handmade" is a matter of perspective...)