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Leica has had a deficit of lenses coded specifically for the M8 since it was introduced. Although they offer the service of coding exisiting m-series lenses for use with the new camera, they really needed a range of lenses produced specifically for the m8. It's interesting that they decided to produce a low cost range for this market.
This is certainly true.

But what's struck me as a bit "odd" is that these new Summarits are at the traditional film focal lengths - rather than "adjusted" for the M8's lens factor. (Best of all possible world's - or maybe compromise?)

This is why I think a secondary consideration is to "blunt" CZ's attempt to grab the mid-price range M-mount lens market.

I don't shoot M-mount so I'm only an observer. But M-mount folk are very "blessed" right now. They have the lower cost CV's, the mid-range CZ's (and these new Summarits) and then the top of the line traditional Leitz's.

Quite a renaissance of gear for RF photography.