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Here is the Leica web page in English.

"...the red button on the lens mount is now true to the original color used on Leitz lenses..."
Thanks, Helen.

Leaving aside to return of the glorious "true" red button - this raises an interesting question.

If these new lenses are made in Germany, presumably by the same gnomes that make the "good stuff", how "compromised" are they in terms of materials and construction from the top of the line?

Since it means your labor costs are fixed, you don't come out with a "comparable" line of lenses at half-price, made in the same factory without some kind of compromises.

This is a good marketing move to "blunt" the CZ inroad to the mid-market for M-mount lenses - but it remains to be seen what qualities these lenses offer beyond an "official" red button over the competition.