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I am trying to "still" my hand from writing what I really would like to write.

I very carefully composed my post to indicate that I wanted to know more - certainly more than a translated press release would tell me. Press releases are not known to be fully "informative". Oh, and "spin" is usually the name of the game with PR's.

Further, I am fully aware of the limitations of internet translators (in this case - Google's), which is why I added the post-script.

So, I really don't need, nor am I interested in, nor do I care about, nor would I ever care about what you have to say on this or anything else.

I really don't like to use the Ignore User function here - so won't. But how about this - you just never, never, ever, ever respond to one of my posts - and I'll give you the same courtesy?


You caused this situation you are referring to with that weird accusation you did not want to comment on.
So feel free to ignore me further.