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Leica has had a deficit of lenses coded specifically for the M8 since it was introduced. Although they offer the service of coding exisiting m-series lenses for use with the new camera, they really needed a range of lenses produced specifically for the m8. It's interesting that they decided to produce a low cost range for this market.
I don't entirely agree. First, all current lenses are despatched with a bar-code, and are suitable for the M8. Second, I don't think these new lenses were produced specifically for the M8, though it has to be said that telecentric, well colour corrected lenses are a lot easier to design at f/2.5 than at higher speeds, and that with a maximum ISO equivalent of 2,500 you don't need speed as you did in the days of ISO 100 films. But if you can afford an M8, how likely are you to worry about the price of lenses?

I suppose their big advantage is that for the rich amateur who wants the best point-and-shoot in the world -- and Leica sold to that market well into the 1960s -- the new lenses make a conveniently compact package and might even be impulse buys.

There's only one thing for it: I'll have to go to Solms again, and ask them. I reckon I can get there in a day on the BMW, but it won't be until September.