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In 1940, Morris Germain, ARPS, Published a little book titled: Darkroom Handbook and Formulary. On page 86 under "Other Finegrain Formulas" is the following:

"Finegrain Developer"

yep, this is it. I am letting you all know I haven't abandoned this thread. I have been using this developer for a couple weeks now. I still have to get my act together and do the testing on Classic200 from J&C. So far it looks great with a development time of 7 minutes at 78 degrees. Yes, I work rather slow, I did get the 4x5 Classic200 out of the fridge yesterday and will do the BTZS tests, maybe tonight. Work has it's nasty habit of getting in the way of fun so sometimes it takes awhile.

The other films I have an idea of testing this with are HP5 (for my 2x3 sheet film) and Efke25 (for 4x5). I plan on standardizing at 75 degrees as this is well within the useful range of the developer and it easy to get to that temperature summer or winter around here.

And yes, as reported, the stuff smells odd but good.

tim in san jose