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Yes, you can still get film for this camera:
664: 100 ISO B&W
665: 80 ISO B&W, produces a print AND a negative (expose at 20 to 50 ISO to get a good negative). Discontinued, but still available here and there:
667: 3000 ISO B&W
690: 100 ISO color
125i: 125 ISO color, 11 shots per pack.

Mind that you will also need a battery to get this camera working. I got mine from an internet seller in the US at about $ 10 including postage. You will find comprehensive info on your camera and most other Polaroids at http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landhome.htm
Enjoy it, and if you like Polaroid, why not upgrade to 600 SE or a 180/190/195?
What seller did you use for the battery?